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Highlight reels dramatically improves the exposure during the recruiting process. They introduce coaches to the best aspects of a player's game in a manner that makes it unbelievably easy to watch. Using advanced editing techniques and graphics, our reels isolate the player on each and every play. In a few minutes a coach can watch and see what a player has to offer, opening the door to broader conversations. The best way to think of it is this is the trailer and the athlete is the movie. NLV is the industry leader in highlight reels, now offered in two versions:

Standard Highlights
  • Intro page with stats & accolades
  • Spot shadow on each play
  • Up to 20 plays
  • Plays used in order you submit
  • Music
  • Free player profile page

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$250 $150

Premier Highlights
  • Custom Intro page with stats & accolades
  • Choice of spot shadow or spotlight on each play
  • Motion tracked graphics that isolate and follow you during entire play
  • Speciality graphics (assist vision, goalie pass, face-off enhance)
  • Up to 25 plays
  • 1 Round of revisions
  • Music
  • Free player profile page

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$400 $250