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    How do you know what team I am on / which game I want?
    We film all games on all fields for the entire event or specific divisions unless otherwise noted. If your playing in one of those divisions, your team is going to be filmed so you are set even if you did not tell us to film it. After the event when the footage is ready we send you a notification to log into your account. From there you can choose your team and which game(s) you want!
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    The editable files will be sent to you through email. Simply click on the link we send and hit 'download' and a copy saves to your computer. Its that easy!
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    Use any video editing program to make your own highlight video. If you decide editing is not for you, we offer editing services as well.
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    Elevated Position
    All games will be filmed from an elevated perspective. Scaffold towers, jibs, or sport scope systems will be erected if the field does not already have elevation
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    Existing Footage
    You can send us any footage you already own to be used in production of a highlight video. We can make it from yours, ours, or a combination of both.
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    HD Video
    Games will be filmed in full high-definition at 1920x1080 resolution from an elevated position. All Games ARE completely editable.
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    Do you zoom in on one player?
    We do not zoom in on one player individually, we film the game as a whole. Whether there for someone specific or the entire team it needs to be filmed the same way for recruiting purposes. All games are filmed from a medium shot following the action and we keep 2/3rds of the action ahead of the ball. This allows for off ball play to be seen as players 2--3 passes away from the ball are just as important and lets you see the whole play develop. If you are involved in the play, you will be covered!
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    Turnaround / How Footage is Delivered
    All footage will be sent within 14 days or less from the ending point of the event. Footage will be delivered online electronically. DVDs will NOT be sent. You will receive an email after the event informing you the footage is ready. You can then log in to select your game, team, view streaming, and download your footage.

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